The Black Market Brewery is situated in the cellar of the Black Market pub and supplies unique crafted ales to the bar.

Illicit Pale Ale 4.3% A refreshing and Moorish Pale ale with a blend of USA hops giving our unique hoppy flavour with a trade mark bite that has become our flagship Ale.

Cask 9g          £68.00 + Vat (£81.60)
Pin 4.5g         £35.50 + Vat (£42.60)
BiB 36pint    £37.50 + Vat (£45.00)
BiB 18 pint     £21.00 + Vat (£25.20)

Imperial Bitter 3.9% Smooth dark session ale flavoured with crystal malt and USA Willamette hops. The blend of hops and the nutty liquorice flavour from the malts gives this beer a wide appeal.

Cask 9g          £64.00 + Vat (£76.80)
Pin 4.5g         £34.00 + Vat (£40.80)
BiB 36pint    £36.00 + Vat (£43.20)
BiB 18 pint     £19.00 + Vat (£22.80)

In The Dark is our 4.3% Dark Ale brewed with a blend of flavoursome malts and Willamette hops.

Cask 9g          £73.00 + Vat (£87.60)

Bag In Box Facts

  • Bag in box (BiB) options come in 36 pint (Pin) and 18 pint (1/2 Pin) sizes.

  • Will last as long as a cask in the cellar.

  • Will stay fresh up to 3 times longer than an opened cask.

  • No difference in the taste of the beer

  • No difference in beer clarity or head retention

  • Adapter that connects straight on to your hand pull beer line.

  • Can also be dispensed directly from the box if desired.

  • Low wastage, as little as 1/3 of a pint total wastage per box.

Bag in box beer is a revelation for pubs that need to build up the demand for a full 9 gallon cask or even a 4.5 gallon pin. Bag in box allows you to keep a 36 or 18 pint real ale on your bar  weeks with virtually no risk of wastage.

Available for your customers have meet their customer real ales needs due to the fear of excessive wastage. when using the standard 9g cask or firkin. and are ideal for pubs with a lower consumption of cask ales or where a pub wants more variety on the bar. Many pubs have cask ales signs on the wall but don’t have any on. BiB not only provides a lower volume of beer to shift but will also stay fresh and drinkable for at least twice as long as a conventional cask.

Bag in box also allows for more variety on the bar, how many pubs do you see with 2 hand pulls but only one in use? With bag in box you can buy the equivalent of a pin and have two beers on the bar, it’s a win win for you and the customer.